Dear SCI Member,
I don’t have to tell you that the results of the run-off elections in Georgia will determine the direction of our country for generations to come. 
If Democrats win these races, Chuck Schumer will be handed the keys to pack the courts, remove the filibuster and push through an anti-hunting agenda.  You already know this.
You may not realize, though, that SCI’s Hunter Action Fund (HAF) is the ONLY Super PAC reaching out directly to Georgia hunters to make sure that a crisis is adverted and our heritage is maintained.
We need your leadership and financial support to make sure that HAF’s proven strategy can be fully deployed in Georgia before the January 5th run-off elections.
Longtime HAF supporters like Dennis Anderson have stepped up once again to SIGNIFICANTLY SUPPORT this effort because he knows that this is THE fight of a lifetime.
During the November elections, HAF was the only Super PAC that deployed real resources to defend pro-hunting, pro-Second Amendment incumbents and candidates by educating and activating hunters.
HAF’s approach uses sophisticated data modeling to determine which hunters and gun owners are most likely to vote and which messages will most effectively motivate them in a given election cycle. As a result, the leadership of HAF has a proven track record of success in engaging and activating pro-hunting and pro-Second Amendment voters in our country’s most critical elections.
On November 3rd, HAF was the only Super PAC that targeted hunters in AL, AK, MT.  We went 3 for 3 in these elections by spending wisely and strategically to educate and activate hunters.  HAF connected with these voters through targeted mail and digital ads.  
With your help, HAF is poised to go 5 for 5.
Can you please help us reach our goal and be the voice for hunters that is so desperately needed to save the Senate and preserve our hunting heritage?
Thank you,W. Laird Hamberlin
 Giving Information for the Hunter Action Fund:
Account number: 1061324016 
Bank Routing: 054001220 
Name: Hunter Action Fund
Checks can be mailed to:
Safari Club International
Attn: Hunter Action Fund (HAF)
4800 W Gates Pass Road Tucson, AZ 85745
• HAF may accept contributions from U.S. individuals and most U.S. corporate entities
• HAF may not accept contributions from foreign nationals, federal contractors, national banks or federally chartered corporations
• HAF may accept contributions of any amount
• Those contributing more than $200 per year to HAF must be disclosed to the Federal Election Commission
• HAF may make independent expenditures in support of candidates
• HAF may not coordinate with or make direct contributions to campaign committees